Charlotte V's Bridal Party

1) How did you choose your wedding colours/theme? 


I was inspired by an incredible sunset that we saw on holiday in a national park in Utah together. I wanted to somehow mimic the vibrant blues, oranges and reds that we saw. The church we got married at also had very vivid blue chairs so I wanted to choose a scheme that would complement the chairs rather than clash with them. I also wanted to reflect my international upbringing by using tropical and Asian inspired flowers in our bouquets.







2) How long did you have to plan your wedding and was it enough time?


We got engaged in Feb and married in August so we had about 6 months to plan. It was plenty of time for the main logistics but finding a reception venue with 6 months notice was a challenge.




3) What was your favourite part of the wedding planning process?


My favourite part was spending time with friends and family who helped us create invitations and decorations. It also turned out that I enjoy colour coding spreadsheets! The food and wine tasting was a definite highlight too.







4) What was the best moment of your wedding day?


Saying our vows was a highlight for me. The speeches by my brothers, my Dad and my husband's brother were also incredible. Dancing at the end of the night was so much fun too!








5) We’re really honoured that we got to be a part of your special day! Why did you choose Thedaintyard?


I researched infinity dresses on Etsy and TDY had such a great range of colours and excellent customer service.




6) What advice would you give to other bride’s planning their wedding? 


Don’t let the small details stress you in the week before the wedding. It is ok if everything is not exactly as planned – the most important part of a wedding is your marriage for the rest of your life, not the picture perfect wedding day. Also, delegate as much as you can and make detailed lists for everyone who is helping you so that they can help without having to ask you what to do.




7) What 3 words would you use to describe your wedding day? 


Best day ever.







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