Annabel's Bridal Party

1) How did you choose your wedding colours/theme? 


We had a rustic wedding so i wanted a colour that was natural and also sage green is my favourite colour.







2) How long did you have to plan your wedding and was it enough time?


15 months. Yes this was a good amount of time.




3) What was your favourite part of the wedding planning process?


Making the confetti.







4) What was the best moment of your wedding day?


Walking down the aisle and seeing my future husband standing at the end waiting for me.







5) We’re really honoured that we got to be a part of your special day! Why did you choose Thedaintyard?


Loved the colour, service was great, any questions I had were answers quickly.




6) What advice would you give to other bride’s planning their wedding? 


It's yours and your husbands day and don't let people put extra pressure on you saying "it's your day and it's all about what you want."




7) What 3 words would you use to describe your wedding day? 


Intimate, Special, Loving.







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