Alyssa's Bridal Party

1) How did you choose your wedding colours/theme? 


I've always liked that shade of blue and coral was a great contrasting colour that went with it; found lots of inspiration on Pinterest with those colours.






2) How long did you have to plan your wedding and was it enough time?


2.5 years, after pushing our original date a year. Plenty of time!







3) What was your favourite part of the wedding planning process?


I did a lot of DIY decorations, and I love being organised, so creating a timeline and organising all of my vendors was fun to me.







4) What was the best moment of your wedding day?


I don't think I can pick!  I loved my reception and seeing everyone have a good time on the dance floor.







5) We’re really honoured that we got to be a part of your special day! Why did you choose Thedaintyard?


I chose you guys because your dresses allow each bridesmaid to choose a style that fits their body type/style, I didn't want to force each girl to wear one type of dress. I also didn't want my bridesmaids to spend a fortune on my wedding, so these were definitely a steal!







6) What advice would you give to other bride’s planning their wedding? 


Don't spend too much time, money, and stress on the smallest of details, the guests won't remember!







7) What 3 words would you use to describe your wedding day? 


Hot, fun, perfect!



Photos credit to :


Lauren Myers 

Instagram : @lmyersphotography